Experience Your Fastest 2 Weeks Of Fat Loss Ever Without Keto-Related Side Effects

“It’s like keto… but faster than keto… without the side effects.”

Hormonal Shortcut Kills Keto Flu And Reshapes Your Metabolism To Burn Fat Every 3 Days In The First 14 Days

This Faster-Than-Keto-Diet-Trick Melts The Fat Right Off Your Trouble Areas...While Leaving The Parts You Love The Most

Dear Reader,

I believe this hormonal hack I accidentally stumbled upon has made the old way of doing the keto diet obsolete. Allowing you to lose every square inch of stubborn fat from your body. Especially the parts you hate the most… While helping you shift back into your natural shape… Revealing more lean, toned muscle… And doing so without hitting any plateaus or dealing with keto side-effects.

You see, as powerful as the keto diet is… With people losing up to 100 pounds… To professional athletes using it to power their workouts and stamina… There’s a few drawbacks of ketosis that could interrupt your life. Especially in the beginning stages.

You see, the first time I tried the keto diet, I lost 21 pounds in one month. But with that weight loss, I also experienced flu-like symptoms, low sex drive, a drop in energy, and troubled sleep.

And I’m not the only one. A simple google search will show you thousands of pages of people loving the keto diet and the results… but hating some of the side effects.[e]

And that’s what brings us, and maybe you, here today…

This Hormonal Shortcut Allows Your Body To Bypass Keto Flu While Skyrocketing Your Fat-Burning Metabolism...

Allowing you to enjoy even FASTER fat loss starting on day one. While enjoying some of your favorite foods so you never feel deprived or controlled by cravings.

It’s the only diet where I haven’t lost my boobs or butt first and I feel the weight is going to stay off this time with the changes I’ve made.

~ Kim

Now from the outside looking in, I can see how these success stories might sound a bit far fetched. But really, they’re not. You see, for the first time in history, men and women are turning to the keto diet by the thousands and losing more weight than ever before.

Specifically from the spots that might trouble you the most… While leaving alone your best assets.

Losing Up To 100 Pounds Of Body Fat Is Not Uncommon On This Diet...

Responsive image
Responsive image

While many have reversed a lot of their everyday health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even diabetes.

One study found subjects placed on the keto diet lost a significant amount of weight while lowering their bad cholesterol and triglyceride numbers.

Responsive image

Even professional athletes are hopping on the keto train and loving the results. Like Tim Tebow who credits the diet to help his performance on the field and in the weight room according to an interview with Men’s Health.

Now maybe you don’t need to lose 50 or 100 pounds of pure body fat. Maybe you only want to lose 15-20 pounds… Maybe 30. Or maybe you’re not a professional athlete, but just want to look and perform better…

Whatever it is, you can do it by following the keto way of life. Which means eating plenty of delicious, full-fat meals like eggs and bacon cooked in butter, keto-friendly pimiento meatballs, and even delicious full-fat cheesecake.

But you see, even though the keto diet is helping tens of thousands perform better and essentially lose millions of pounds all over the world, it has a few drawbacks that could make it hard to stick to…

Responsive image

You see, the gist of the keto diet is “eat fat to lose fat”.
It’s a simple concept.

The More Fat You Eat -
The More Fat Your Body Will Burn

But to do this, it needs to retool your entire metabolism to accept this new change in your lifestyle. Which could take days, weeks to many months. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will be your new, fat-burning metabolism…

Basically, it’s like trying to rebuild a house from the ground up while you’re still living on the inside.

That’s why this period is called the transition phase and it’s the hardest part of the keto diet.

Some people report dizziness, low blood sugar, nausea, the shakes, extreme fatigue, headaches, irritability, a loss in libido, bad breath, constipation and much more during this transition phase… And why so many can never make it through.

Responsive image

But if you do, then you’ll reach what I like to call, absolute Keto Bliss

The Perfect Metabolism

One that burns up stubborn fat while helping you feel your very best each day.

You see, once your body makes this switch, you’ll start to notice daily changes in the mirror. In fact, you can expect to lose fat daily! While you enjoy plenty of clean, crisp energy that helps you feel alive and alert as you go about your day.

And this energy can help you in every aspect of your life.

Responsive image

In fact, one of the most talked about benefits of the keto diet besides the quick and long-lasting fat loss, is the fatigue-fighting effects you’ll experience.

Just imagine waking up and you immediately feel alive and rejuvenated. Like you just had the best sleep of your life. And this new-found, untapped surge of natural energy will stay with you as the day goes on. Never leaving your side and never letting you down.

Just By Following This Shortcut I’m About To Reveal To You On This Page


You see, before knowing this powerful hormonal hack, it could’ve taken you weeks to feel the benefits of the keto diet. But now, you’ll feel it working by the end of day 1.

Just one day to feel a shift in more natural energy while your metabolism breaks down and burns off body fat by the hour without the side effects... And without your performance suffering in the gym or your everyday life.

You see, my first go around with the keto diet - I lost 21 pounds. But with the fast weight loss, I felt nauseous in the morning, extremely fatigued, and dizzy when standing up. I lost strength, my libido… and I’m not going to lie, a bit of my confidence.

Now, not everyone experiences these sort of side effects. Mine were on the extreme side. But if it wasn’t for this first experience with the keto diet, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon this shortcut…

A Shortcut That’s Allowed My Clients To Lose Fat Daily…

Now before I reveal this powerful fat loss trick, let me quickly introduce myself.


My name is Chandler Marchman, and I’ve been a certified strength coach and physique expert for over 18 years. During this time, I’ve helped men and women of all ages get stronger, as well as more lean and toned by challenging the status quo and going against the grain.

You see, I’m obsessed with the human body and how you can manipulate your own metabolism to achieve your goals. But doing so in a way that’s backed by both science and real-world results.

And this fundamental approach to research and results is what allowed me to discover the unique keto shortcut that I’m willing to say, takes the traditional keto diet to a whole new level... It accomplishes this by eliminating the unwanted side effects of the traditional keto diet, all while helping you notice faster results where it counts...in the mirror...from head to toe...every 3 days.

Responsive image
Responsive image

Now, this simple trick has worked on both men and women in their 20’s and all the way up to their 60’s. So whether you’re looking to lose those last stubborn pounds, or trying to lose a lot more, and you feel keto is your answer, then keep reading…

Because if people are routinely losing 50 - 100+ pounds on the keto diet, you can certainly reach your goals. Whether that’s 10, 20 or more while feeling your best each day.

So what’s this powerful keto trick that makes the old way of doing the keto diet obsolete?

It’s Called The
“Lepti-Slim Shortcut”

And it’s the same protocol that helped me lose 17 lbs. in 14 days without the debilitating side effects I experienced the first go around. And it’s the same method that helped my clients lose a combined 17,341 pounds in the last 11 months.


You see, this powerful keto shortcut helps prevent your metabolism from slowing down the way it normally does when you try to lose weight with traditional diet and exercise.

All while supplying your brain and vital functions with a suitable and “dose dependent” amount of carbohydrates.

You see, glucose (“carbs”) are the preferred fuel source for your brain and many of your organs. So when you body has to make the switch from glucose to ketones, that’s where you could experience the dreaded “keto flu” and all of its miserable side effects…

But if you consume a certain amount of carbs at the right time, they could help eliminate these side effects while speeding up your metabolic rate.

And the only reason I stumbled upon this powerful shortcut was because of my birthday.

You see, for most of my life, I was the chubby kid who got picked on growing up. I was active and into sports, but my genetics were never on my side. Plus, I had a terrible sweet tooth.

Now, those days are long gone, but I still crave sweets. It’s a constant battle and my downfall.


So for my birthday, I was going to treat myself and have cake (a HUGE piece of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting). Even though I had just started the keto diet again, and had been experiencing side effects, which although were miserable also told me that the diet was working...

However, a funny thing happened over the course of 3 days after eating almost the rest of that entire carrot cake…

Responsive image

I was happy the headaches, dizziness, and fatigue were gone… Along with 6 pounds of fat… But I was curious… Was I still in ketosis? There was only one way to find out.

So I tested my urine using keto strips to make sure.

Responsive image

You see traditional belief was carbs are a no go because you want your body to start burning fat instead. And that even a few bites of carrot cake, or any other sweets/carbs, would kick you out of ketosis.

But to my surprise, my body was STILL in ketosis. In fact, I was knee deep in ketosis. Deeper than ever before…

I Was Burning Pure Body Fat Around The Clock


Plus, my energy was through the roof and my performance in the gym felt powerful and effortless...

Which got me thinking. If carbs are supposed to be “bad” on the keto diet, why is that my body was still in ketosis despite all that carrot cake I ate?

Well it turns out, you can still have some carbs on the keto diet and never get kicked out of ketosis. In fact, the research shows it’s dependent on the person. You might be able to get away with more carbs than others…

And even if you do get kicked out of ketosis, I’ll show you how to snap your body back into ketosis right away while skyrocketing your metabolism over the course of 48-72 hours.

Now, this shortcut sounds simple enough, but it’s not.

You see, over the coming months when testing this new method with clients, we had to manipulate a lot of variables like diet, carbohydrates, fats, even their workouts to dial in this keto protocol.

You See - It’s All About Timing...

If you time things wrong, you could experience a spillover effect. You might feel bloated, lethargic and heavy on your feet. You could experience water retention, headaches, and excessive sleepiness.

Plus - I won’t lie… But if you get the timing wrong, it could set you back by a day or more and stop the fat-burning process dead in its tracks.

Remember, this shortcut isn’t a license to gorge on pasta, pizza, and bagels. It’s a tool to help power your body’s fat burning furnace while eliminating any side effects from the keto diet during the transition phase.

Helping you experience quick, efficient, and swift fat loss. While your body slims down and shapes up as you become stronger and look sexier in your favorite clothes.

Responsive image
Responsive image

Imagine Losing Fat Daily For The Next 14 Days...

As you look in the mirror and love how your body is reshaping right before your very eyes.

That’s the beauty and promise of the keto diet.

Plus with the “Lepti-Slim” shortcut, you’ll be losing inches and pounds starting on day one. It’s the perfect 1-2 combo to knock the stubborn fat right off your body once and for all.

Really, just close your eyes and imagine for a second how it would feel to lose more weight than your friends or coworkers...

While they’re struggling on their low calorie salad diets, you’ll be thriving more than ever before.

And doing so without starving yourself, or eating nothing but broccoli and carrot sticks. That model of dieting is so far removed from the keto diet, and honestly why so many people are switching to the keto way of life.

You’ll be eating deliciously filling foods that help power your body and give you energy while your metabolism burns fat around the clock. Even while you sleep. Because when you give your body what it needs, it’ll take care of the rest.

It’s a big reason traditional diets never work long term. You lose the fat, then gain it back again. Often times you can feel fatigued, hungry and short-tempered from the blood sugar fluctuations. Which by the way, kills your metabolism. Causing it to slow to a snail pace crawl.

But not here. Not even close.

Traditional Diets Steal Your Energy, Metabolism And Happiness
- Keto Brings It Back

Plenty of studies have shown the keto diet could help improve your blood sugar levels, lower bad cholesterol numbers, and can even starve away cancer cells.

Responsive image

You see, cancer cells LOVE glucose. They can’t get enough of it. So the less glucose they have, the harder it is for them to survive.

It’s that simple...

As you can see, the keto diet has the results and research to back up it’s claims. And with this faster than keto shortcut, which has now turned into a complete program to help you burn a tremendous amount of fat in just 14 days or longer if you’d like, I was inspired to get this out to the world and help as many as possible.

Responsive image Responsive image

The “Faster Than Keto” Diet Combined With The Lepti-Slim Protocol To Maximize Your Metabolism And Burn Fat From Your Trouble Areas While Eliminating Negative Side Effects Associated With The Keto Diet

Over the coming days and weeks, you will experience…


Enhanced fat loss: On the traditional keto diet, fat loss can stall. But not here. By following this shortcut outlined inside the program, your metabolism will burn body fat 24/7. Eliminating any plateaus you might have dealt with before.


Say goodbye to cravings: You’ll eliminate most of your cravings because of all the hearty and delicious foods you get to eat. Remember, you need to eat fat to burn fat and with the keto diet, you’ll be eating foods like bacon and eggs, cheesy spinach keto puffs, and even sweets like chocolate souffle.


Gain lean, toned muscle. According to one study, subjects were able to significantly build more lean and toned muscle than others while following the keto diet. Which can help your body appear more slim in all the right areas.


Burn fat from your trouble spots: Many women have said it’s the only diet where they don’t lose their butt or boobs. While men report losing the fat from their waists, hips and love handles.


Raise your good cholesterol: One study found when subjects were placed on keto, even though it’s a high fat diet, they significantly raised their HDL (good cholesterol) numbers while dramatically lowering their LDL (bad cholesterol) in a short period of time.


Lower your blood sugar and avoid energy swings: Stable blood sugar levels are key to sustainable, all day energy. One study found the keto diet could naturally lower and stabilize blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. While some patients were even taken off their type II diabetes medications.


Enjoy more natural energy: By following the Lepti-Slim protocol inside the 2 Week Turbo Keto Diet, your body will run on pure body fat while your vital functions run off glucose. Allowing you to feel your very best with more sustained, natural energy to help you breeze through your day.


Very safe: We took the keto diet and eliminated any of the side effects you might experience. Say goodbye to headaches, fatigue, and weakness associated with the first few weeks of the keto diet.


Fun and easy: With the 2 Week Turbo Keto Diet, you’ll enjoy plenty of delicious and once forbidden foods everyday while your body burns fat around the clock. And because the keto diet eliminates cravings, you can enjoy your carbs without feeling guilty or going off the rails. Essentially, the 2 Week Turbo Keto Diet will reprogram the craving center in your brain to help you stay away from sugar and junk.

Responsive image

Experience Your Fastest 14 Days Of Fat Loss Ever - Then Even More Over The Coming Weeks

You see, where most keto diet programs drop the ball is the transition phase when your body makes the switch from a “carb-burning metabolism”, to a “fat-burning metabolism”.

This phase could take days to weeks, sometimes months to get through depending on the person. But with the Lepti-Slim Shortcut, you’ll be going through the transition phase with a plate of body armor. Shielding you from attacks like general fatigue, diarrhea, and nausea associated with the keto diet during these early days.

Responsive image

Allowing you to notice the positive benefits and changes your body might start feeling on day one.

Now these just aren’t physical benefits, but mental as well.

A good chunk of keto dieters who get through the transition phase, love the mental aspects once they’re in ketosis. It’s easier for them to focus on tasks while their ability to think remains crystal clear...like 20/20 vision.


And this boost in mental performance isn’t just for an hour or so like drinking a cup of coffee. It stays with you the entire day and well into the night until it’s time for bed.

You see, it’s these lifestyle benefits plus the extremely swift and safe fat loss results that makes the keto diet appeal to the masses.

But for many, it’s the transition phase that stops them. However, with the 2 Week Turbo Keto Diet, that excuse no longer holds water. Making this a special time in history for you.

That’s why if you’ve been thinking about starting the keto diet, then I’m glad you’re here so keep reading...

There’s Two Ways You Can Start On The 2 Week Turbo Keto Diet Right Now...

First, you could sign up for coaching. I do that for many people online. We’d be working 1 on 1 to get you setup and running within 48 hours.

From there, we’ll do weekly check-ins to monitor your progress. Now, this option will cost $397 for the next 4 weeks. Some prefer this option for the more intimate connection.

However, there’s also a second option.


I’ve put everything I know about the keto diet and the Lepti-Slim shortcut on the inside of a brand new program. Detailing each simple step to get the best results for your own body.

It would be like I was right there, holding your hand the entire time.

But You Have To Promise Me Something...

  • You're willing to do everything I say on the inside of the program. You promise not to cut corners and to follow the program to experience the same results others have in very little time.
  • You won't make excuses. Anyone can get results. I've made it incredibly easy. That’s why it's time to put your excuses to the wayside.
  • You're willing to put in the work…

All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other. Trust me, I know it can feel daunting in the beginning. But like I said, it’ll feel like I’m right there with you every step of the way.

It’s incredibly easy to follow. Especially when you begin to see the weight flying off the scale and in the mirror every few days.

Your motivation will soar along with your confidence and happiness. That’s something you can’t put a price on.

That’s why for today, you can have everything inside the 2 Week Turbo Keto Diet and get started right away at the low price of only $17.

Burn Off Stubborn Fat, Gain Energy, and Banish Your Cravings With The 2 Week Turbo Keto Diet Or Your Money Back…


My promise to you is simple. 

You’ll get a FULL 30 days to try out the Turbo Keto.

This way, no matter what comes up you’ll have plenty of time to try my dead easy program…

Burn off stubborn fat, gain energy, and banish your cravings….

I promise you, just follow my simple steps to the T and the weight will fly off the scale…

However, if for any reason you’re not satisfied then write in to the email you’ll receive on the receipt…

And we’ll be happy to refund your entire, one-time investment. 

You can’t find a more generous guarantee from anyone. All your money, back in your account - no question - no hassle.

There is literally ZERO risk to you.

Your New And Exciting
Keto Life Awaits You


Just imagine waking up and jumping out of bed, walking over to the scale, and seeing the number drop by a few pounds every single day.

While your clothes and outfits start to feel more loose and free over certain parts of your body. Helping you feel more confident, sexy, and overall happy with yourself.


And when you feel good about yourself, those around you will notice as well. Everything from your job to your relationship could improve from you making the right decision today.

In the end, when you follow the 2 Week Turbo Keto Diet, you’ll be shocked how easy it is to start and enjoy the keto diet without any of the dreaded side effects.

You’ll be bursting with energy and confidence once you see the pounds flying off the scale.

And this surge in sustainable, natural energy will never dip or crash. Giving you the ability to focus and remain calm no matter what comes your way.

Enjoy Faster Results With These Complementary Bonuses At No Extra Cost

Free Bonus #1:
The TurboKeto Meal and Supplement Guide

Here I’ve laid out all of the optimal fat burning foods, sauces, dips and condiments you should eat during the next 30 days.


And a supplement guide which explains when, why and how to take specific supplements that boost the effects of Turbo Keto….

Like the ideal kind of protein, coconut oil, enzymes, caffeine, and herbs…

This way you can ignite your body's MAXIMUM fat burning capabilities!

And there’s also...

Free Bonus #2:
TURBO KETO Daily Action Plan

This is where I’ve laid out a precise day-by-day overview of what you need to do morning evening and night…


This way all you have to do is open the manual…

Look at the day you're on…

And follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

It’s all laid out in just a couple of sentences - there’s NO confusion - it couldn’t be any simpler to use.

Free Bonus #3:

Look if you decided that 14 days isn’t enough for you…


Because you’ve only gone down to about 10% body fat…

And you want to really drive it home…

I’m talking about getting those rippling tables that pop from a mile a way…

The kind of body where people's heads turn so fast they nearly fall on the floor…

If you want to get down to 6.9% or less. 

I’ve added 2 BONUS weeks you can do right at the end of the 14 day Turbo Keto program. 


Today, you can have everything inside the 2 Week Turbo Keto Diet and get started right away at the low price of only $17.

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It’s Time To Make A Decision…

If you’ve been thinking about trying the keto diet, here’s your chance. There hasn’t been anything so profound and powerful like the keto way of life in awhile.

Combined with the amount of success stories and the science, it’s obvious the keto diet can help you get to where you want to be.

But as powerful this diet is to help you get in shape while unlocking tons of energy, it still has some drawbacks.

Like we said, the purpose of the keto diet is to train your metabolism to burn fat and not carbs. But for this to happen, your metabolism needs a total makeover.

It’s during this transition phase where most people stop because of the side effects.

But with the Two Week Turbo Keto Diet, you can bypass these side effects and enjoy effortless fat loss starting on day one.

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too With The 2 Week Turbo Keto Diet...

You can expect to lose lots of pounds and inches following this program. This is a fact and not hype.

So if you’re ready to make a drastic change in your body and everyday health, then click the add to cart button below and let’s get started.

I can't wait for you to experience your fastest 14 days of fat loss ever. And then from there, it’s up to you how much you want to lose.

You’ll be in total control while your metabolism burns off stubborn fat every minute of every day while your body loses inches in all the right places.

It’s time to take action. Click the add to cart button below to get started.

Be well

P.S. When you click the add to cart button, you’ll have a full 60 days to try the program. Even though it’s only 14 days long, you won’t have to get started right away. So there’s no pressure on you whatsoever. Block out 14 days when you won’t have any distractions and watch your body change every few days as the pounds melt away. Click the button and let’s get started. I’m ready to do this with you.

Today, you can have everything inside the 2 Week Turbo Keto Diet and get started right away at the low price of only $17.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I expect to lose following this program?

It really depends on how much effort you put into the program. It can also depend on how much weight you’d like to lose. For most, losing 20 pounds or more is not out of the question. There’s tens of thousands who’ve lost 50 to 100 pounds. So if they can lose that much weight, I’m sure this program will help you reach your goal.

Do I need to purchase any special foods, bars, or shakes?

You do not have to purchase anything special to do the program. However, certain bars and shakes could help make it easier for you if you’re short on time. I go over all of this on the inside.

I’ve tried keto in the past. So what really makes this different?

We utilize carbohydrate pulses along with an exercise protocol that significantly boosts your metabolism and blocks any keto-flu related side effects like fatigue, headaches and more. The old idea you can’t have carbs on keto is like believing in the Easter Bunny. It’s simply not true.

Is this like Atkins?

Not at all like Atkins. With Atkins, there’s various stages of the diet. Plus you eat more protein while on Atkins. It’s a great diet, but this is not Atkins. In fact, there’s nothing like the keto diet for burning through pounds of stubborn fat.

How often can I have carbs?

It depends on your body type and how far along you’re in the program. Usually 1-3x per week is allowed. But this number changes as you progress.

I heard eating fat is bad. That’s what my doctor said. So I’m not sure how you could promote this as a healthy way of life.

Eating fat is not bad at all. So many studies show the benefits of the keto diet for your health that more and more doctors are beginning to recommend it to their patients. Everything from seizures, to type 2 diabetes is being treated with the keto diet. In the end, fat is not the enemy. It’s processed sugar, fake food ingredients and trans fats that cause a lot of our health problems.

Do I need to exercise on this diet?

Yes and no. Exercise certainly helps you burn calories while sculpting more lean muscle. But no, you don’t need to exercise or go to a gym to lose weight with this diet. In the end, do I recommend some form of exercise? Yes. But you don’t need it.

What if I binge one weekend… will this kick me out of ketosis?

Yes - binging for a whole weekend will temporarily kick your body out of ketosis. But there’s a few tricks I can show you on the inside to snap your body back into ketosis while experiencing a jump in fat loss.

I read somewhere this could be bad for your kidneys? Is this true?

No it’s not true. That’s diabetic ketoacidosis. That’s something totally different and only applies if you have kidney disease. If you have healthy kidneys, you’ll be fine.

Is this safe for women going through menopause?

Yes, this is 100% safe for women to try during menopause. In fact, some women have reported the keto diet helped with their various symptoms like hot flashes and trouble sleeping.

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